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Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

This course enables teachers and other members of the school staff to enhance their knowledge of local Dharawal Aboriginal land practices and culture with regards to the Aboriginal Education Policy and to integrate this into their school culture and teaching and learning programs. This course can be run for a whole school as part of a staff development day, or during term time for teachers from multiple schools.

* Gain a deeper understanding of the local Aboriginal peoples, including their traditional lifestyles and the connection they have with the land

* Understand the principles of Aboriginal land use, including vegetation management and bush tucker and the uses at Kamay Botany Bay National Park

* Investigate ways to incorporate Aboriginal Cultural understandings within school practice as per the Aboriginal Education Policy

The art of nature and wellbeing

This course allows teachers to attend a stimulating visual arts workshop of hands on learning and networking opportunities. The day includes working with a variety of visual art forms using different mediums. Teachers will investigate the links between nature, art and student wellbeing practices which can include strengthening their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development as per the NSW Departmental Wellbeing Framework.

Programming advice from a Curriculum Advisor will help teachers to develop a series of 6 art lessons after the course.

NESA: 11 registered hours

Cost: $195 GST free

Register: MyPL@edu Code: RG02349

Date: Thursday 27 June 2019.  Venue: Botany Bay EEC, Kurnell

Date: Monday 9 September 2019.  Venue: Georges River EEC, Chipping Norton

Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019.  Venue: Botany Bay EEC, Kurnell 


Outdoor education and school gardens

teacher workshop

This course will provide teachers with the knowledge and practical skills to create, maintain and use school gardens in a curriculum relevant way.

Teachers will participate in a series of hands on workshops to learn about no dig gardening; organic recycling; native gardens; edible weeds and no fuss plants and nature art.

NESA: 5 non registered hours

Cost: $195 GST free

Register: MyPL@edu Code: RG00410


Linking classroom practice for fieldwork for biology depth study stage 6

The ecological communities being investigated are rocky shores of either Botany Bay or Shelley Beach at Cronulla. Contemporary secondary research into the role of Hormosira banksii (Neptune’s Necklace) as a keystone species of the rocky shore community inspires students’ preparation of questions and hypotheses.

Each Working Scientifically outcome has been interpreted in the design of a suite of learning experiences to facilitate a teacher guided inquiry with the option of extending into a depth study. Resources consist of seven “lessons” including a fieldwork journal for qualitative and quantitative data, supported by comprehensive pre and post excursion learning.

A sample formal assessment rubric provides criteria for assessment of a report that explains the working scientifically processes undertaken throughout the depth study. While offering a guided inquiry there exists an abundance of opportunities throughout the investigation for students to “go their own way” through negotiation with their teacher

NESA: 10 registered hours

Cost: $50 GST free

Register: MyPL@edu Code: RG03715


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