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Ecosystems at risk Cronulla to Wanda Geography excursion

A Stage 6 excursion where students undertake a field study of the ecosystems.

Ecosystems at risk Cronulla to Wanda - Stage 6 Geography excursion

This study will investigate:

  • the spatial patterns and dimensions of the site
  • biophysical interactions including the effects of weather, climate, geomorphic and hydrologic processes, bio geographical processes and adjustments in response to natural stress
  • the nature and rate of change which effects ecosystem functioning
  • human impacts
  • traditional and contemporary management practices.

The outcomes to be achieved by the student include:

  • explain the changing nature, spatial patterns and interactions of ecosystems
  • explain the factors which place ecosystems at risk and the reasons for their protection¬†
  • evaluate environmental management strategies in terms of ecological sustainability¬†
  • evaluate the impact of, and responses of people to, environmental change.

Download the Bate Bay excursion outline (DOCX 83.6KB)


Cronulla to Wanda beaches.

Students can use public transport for this excursion. meet the EEC teacher at Cronulla railway station